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Surgical Guide to Circumcision is a compendium of the who, what, where, why, and most importantly, the how of circumcision. Given that one third of the world's males have undergone this most ancient of surgical procedures, a contemporary resource on the subject is in order. Most circumcisions are elective with no acute medical necessity; that is, most are done for cultural reasons. Thus, in addition to being a standard surgical guide for those who perform circumcision, this book is an anthology of circumcision, from its prehistoric roots to its present day admixture of religion, culture, and medicine.

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Surgical Guide to Circumcision is a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to the most common techniques of circumcision and addresses aspects such as informed consent, religious and cultural sensitivities, pre-exam, post-care, pain control, and prevention and management of potential complications. Written by experts in the field, Surgical Guide to Circumcision will appeal to family physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, urologist, and anyone with a general interest in circumcision. Each chapter is well illustrated and most are completed with an editor's note. This original textbook is worthy of the attention of urologists and people involved in religious rites.

Help Centre. Thirteen participants reported a bad odour associated with the device on and other common complaints include swelling and itchiness. Few participants reported having used additional pain medication 2.

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PrePex device removal was more painful than device application. However, reported pain abated rapidly and virtually no pain was reported 1 hour after removal Fig 2c and 2d. Of the adults who did not return to work within one day, their median resumption time was 3 days IQR: 2—7. Thirty from One adult had reported resumption of sexual activity prior to device removal masturbation on day 1 and experienced a device displacement.

Median resumption of sexual activity in adult males following removal of PrePex device was No participants reported bleeding during sexual activity. No adolescents aged 14—17 years reported resuming or initiating sexual activity throughout the duration of the study. A participant was classified as healed if the wound was completely closed and there was no pain or discomfort experienced. The overall adverse event rate, excluding minor adverse events was 2.

Three of the adverse events were classified as serious 2 displacements and 1 self-removal because they required surgical circumcision however; all procedures were done within the circumcision clinics. The self-removal occurred 8 hours after device placement. There were no serious adverse events that required hospitalisation or were life-threatening. Minor adverse events were predominantly: obstructed urine flow caused by the leather-like necrotic foreskin obstructing the urethral meatus on day 4—5 and localised wound sepsis occurring two weeks post-removal.

There were also no reported cases of tetanus. During the course of the study, all participants were provided with detailed explanation on how to prevent the urinary obstruction disturbance of urine flow during the counselling sessions. The participants were instructed to expose the head of the glans by gently retracting the foreskin after urination prior to necrosis setting in.

When comparing between medical doctor and nurse operators, the adverse event rate was similar: 2.

The two device displacements and one self-removal had an occurrence rate of 0. The two displacements occurred on days 1 and 2 post-placement with the exact cause of displacement being unclear. Self-removal of PrePex device occurred on day 0 placement but participant only returned to the clinic on day 7, with swelling of the foreskin, for his check-up.

The participant reported that he removed the device after masturbation.